6 Colorful WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Looking for a gorgeous colorful design for your blog? Look no further…these are our picks for a colorful and stylish blog makeover:


It is simply the best when it comes to blogging. Malaga comes with great layout options that you can choose from.

It is good to mention that it is so much loved by food bloggers. However, with its unique features, you can use it in any niche.

The theme is fully responsive and can be customized to suit your proffered settings.

The theme is also compatible with Safari, FireFox, Edge, Opera, Chrome, IE10 and IE11 browsers.


This is one of the most searched WordPress themes for blogs online. Perhaps, individuals or companies who look for King aspire to have some or all of its features that are usually not found in any other WordPress theme for blogging.

Some of the theme’s features include user profiles, social logins, ready retina, cross browser compatibility, frontend submission, views counter, social share buttons, slider, SEO optimization, user follow system and many other features.


Among the colorful WordPress blog themes any serious blogger would want to consider, Unique should top the list with good reasons.

As the name suggests, Unique has very profound features making it one of the most sort WordPress blog themes of the century. The theme is equipped with among other things, flexibility, elegancy, and it is multipurpose.

Besides, then theme comes with post layouts, widgets, theme options, megamenu, a very powerful admin panel, Ad blocks that are dedicated, unyson page builder and free lifetime update among other notable features that may interest you.


True to its name, Spedix is a modern blog theme with all the necessary features that every blogger would crave for. The theme is highly respected for its RTL support, which differentiates it with the rest of its class.

Spedix allows bloggers to put multiple layouts right from the Admin panel, something that is not possible with other themes. You are also at liberty to change your site colors, font size and style and set featured post and pages.

Some of the notable theme’s notable features include sticky header, drag and drop ability, social icons, news ticker, ability to fix whatever logo or image of your liking on the header, and a mega menu among other features.

The theme has ideally been praised for magazines.


When you hear of the word elsewhere, what comes to your mind? Maybe what you are looking for is not found where you are looking at? Hardly! That is not what Elsewhere WordPress theme for blogs means.

In fact, every feature you are looking for is found in Elsewhere.

Among the top-notch features that you will find inside Elsewhere are: social icons placed on the right place (the pack contains 42 icons), shortcodes that will be done by any blogger not necessarily a tech-nerd, special boxes feature, it is GIF friendly, it comes with pop-up advertising as well as pop-up pages, retro design that is mixed with modern CSS and natural, square or circled image shapes among other features.

The beauty about Elsewhere is that you can start earning money the first day you set up your site as long as you have enough content! Isn’t that what you want?


Souje is among the most used WordPress themes for bloggers who deal with travel, fashion, trend followers, and hand-made item creators. However, because it is highly-customizable, you can be sure to use it in any niche that you desire. Its feature will for sure interest you.

Those who have used Souje say that it has a deterministic and memorable design. With that in mind, some of the features you will enjoy once you have uploaded Souje to be your brand theme are: a unique slider, mobile friendliness, translation that is done via a customizer, which is uniquely organized, numerous font options, and all these do not require coding knowledge.

Of all the colorful WordPress blog themes that have been mentioned above, which one will you choose for your blogging business? Well, that should depend on the quality of features you are looking for. Whatever way you will decide, be sure to look for what will place your blogging business deep inside the market that is ever-dynamic.